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Welcome to Radio Frimley Park

Studio 1 at Radio Frimley Park Welcome to Radio Frimley Park, the dedicated radio station for the patients of Frimley Park Hospital. We broadcast round the clock – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to inform, educate and make the patients' stay in the hospital more enjoyable with regular quizzes, playing requests and of course some great music.

The charity has been operating since 1976 and continues to go from strength to strength.

Radio Frimley Park continues to help Radio Rheumatology [29/11/2019]

Radio RheumatologyRadio RheumatologyOn Friday 22nd of November, Radio Frimley Park facilitated the second podcast recording for Radio Rheumatology. Once more presenting were Rosealeen Killick and Jeannette Cameron, both Rheumatology Nurse Specialists and this time they were joined by Dr. Julekha Wajed to talk about Early Inflammatory Arthritis care (EIA).

The department are involved in data collection for the British Society of Rheumatology's National EIA audit. Many more podcasts are being planned; such a simple easy way to get information and facts to patients and relatives, when time constraints prevent such detailed analysis being given on the day.

This week saw the third recording of yet another Radio Rheumatology podcast featuring the two wonderful nurses Rosealeen Killick and Jeannette Cameron who, in this latest episode, explain all about "Methotrexate". As they said themselves, "This podcast provides an overview of methotrexate and we hope it provides a useful resource to patients and rheumatology students alike."

We, at Radio Frimley Park, are proud to be able to continue servicing this ground breaking initiative.

You can find all the episodes at Radio Rheumatology

RFP Chairman Receives Surrey Heath Volunteer Award [09/12/2019]

Surrey Heath Volunteer AwardsCredit: Alan Meeks
Surrey Heath Volunteer AwardsOn December 2nd, Radio Frimley Park’s Chairman for the last six years, Malcolm Treen accepted, at the Camberley Heath Golf Club, a Surrey Heath award for ‘Individual Volunteer Achievement Award,’ presented to him by Cllr Robin Perry, the Mayor of Surrey Heath. This has been a fitting end to Malcolm's last year as Chairman, as he then stepped down from the office at the RFP Annual General Meeting on December 8th. Malcolm said he was accepting this award on behalf of all the volunteer members because, as he remarked at the time, 'You could be the best Chairman in the world but without the support and back up of the whole team, you are wasting your time. The Radio Frimley Park team are phenomenal and thank goodness they are all totally devoted to the aims of the charity.'

Malcolm is not leaving Radio Frimley Park but taking over the role as Membership Secretary, in order to nurture and encourage new members into the charity.

Radio Frimley Park in Royal Volunteer Shop [20/02/2020]

Royal Volunteer Service ShopToday saw Radio Frimley Park's public output installed into the Frimley Park Hospital Royal Volunteer Service (RVS) Shop near the main reception. We have for some time split our output into two separate feeds; deciding that those who sat in the public areas didn't want to hear too much 'talk' orientated material preferring just music.

Historically, public areas have had our output installed by running cabling into the appropriate area and then hard wiring speakers. This has been expensive and sometimes taken many man hours. In an engineering break through, the installation in the RVS shop, simply needed two speakers and little piece of almost invisible engineering kit, designed and put together by our very own station engineers. We hope to reveal more about this 'genius' invention in the future, after we hopefully prove that this test trial installation is a success.

Meanwhile, as you can see it almost looks like the speakers were hand built to fit neatly on top of the new fridge in the shop. The lovely manager has been left with a volume control and a big smile on her face and we all hope that the music cheers everyone up, including the hard working staff.

Radio Frimley Park - Music the Best Medicine!

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